After the age of 40-45, the human eye is affected by presbyopiawhere individuals start losing their near focus and experience changes in their vision such as difficulty performing close-up tasks and moving things further away from to see clearer.

As the lens becomes less flexible, it can no longer change shape to focus on close-up images. As a result, these images appear out of focus.

What are the symptoms of Presbyopia?

  • Tendency to move things further away to help focus or read.
  • Difficulty performing certain close-up tasks, such as reading fine print in the newspaperor threading a needle.
  • Experiencing headaches or trouble focusing or getting sleepy while reading.
  • Difficulty reading in dim light.



What is the treatment for Presbyopia?

Treatment options include:



Does wearing eyeglasses will make my vision worse?

As presbyopia is caused by the lens becoming less flexible, wearing glasses will not make your eyes worse; it will get worse as you age until you reach your late fifties, when you will have no natural focusing ability left.

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